All New Honda City

11.70 Lakhs Onwards*
  • Mileage 17.8 km/l* & 24.1 km/l*
  • Engine 1.5L (BS6)
  • Transmission Manual / Automatic
  • Fuel Type Petrol / Diesel
  • Seating Capacity 5
  • Boot Space 506 Lits
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 40 Lits
  • Max Power 97.9bhp@3600rpm
  • No.of Cylinders 4

All New 5th Generation Honda City

The original. The authentic. The game changer. The true sedan that stunned the world with its brilliance, year after year, decade after decade, is here to change the game, all over again. Yes, the All-New City is here. To introduce us to a great new feeling, to a superior new rush. The Rush of Supremacy. Enjoy absolute exhilaration, luxury, control and connectivity. Enjoy being chased by the world and not the other way around. Because it's not merely an evolution, it's a revolution in supremacy


Supremacy of Design

The All-New City is smartly styled with dignified stature and superior technological prowess. A wide, upper-grill in the front presents the signature Honda Solid Wing Face, and elevates the car to a position of prominence. This bold front is taken to the next level with the integration of Full LED Headlamps(with 9 LED array inline shell, integrated LED DRL, L-Shaped LED Turn Indicator), a first in the segment. In the rear of the All-New City, Z-shaped 3D Wrap Around LED Tail Lamps with Uniform Edge Light & LED Side Marker Lights continue to highlight the sleek design of the car.


Supremacy of Luxury

Achieving a clear vision while driving, with a balance of openness and security. This is the 'SO-KAI' or 'Invigorating' cockpit design in the All-New City. Another theme, the 'Dynamic View' concept, has structured the design of the instrumental panel for the driver to easily grasp the vehicle sensation with lesser anxiety-causing factors. In the upholstery, premium leather seats and hand-crafted tailoring provides a sense of opulence and luxury, giving the All-New City a feel that far exceeds its class.


Supremacy of Space

The All-New 5th Generation Honda City spares no effort in continuing the ambition of spaciousness and comfort within the car. Inspired by putting people first, the interiors are based on Honda's 'Man Maximum, Machine Minimum' philosphy. Wherein, a thoughtfully created interior space with ample legroom and an ergonomically designed cockpit come together beautifully to give you a supremely sublime riding experience. While inside the cabin, trays and pockets are placed within an easy-to-reach distance of all passengers, in the front as well as in the rear of the vehicle.


Cockpit of Supremacy

A single look is enough to imagine the heightened driving experience in the All-New City. Slide behind the wheel, and you’re greeted by an ergonomically designed, and thoughtfully laid-out instrument panel. This sports the advanced touchscreen which connects with Android and iOS++, opening new ways to stay social and digital on the drive.


Supremacy of Convenience

In the All-New City, convenience reigns supreme in the form of Honda Advanced Smart Key System. With City’s First Walk Away Auto Lock feature (the car locks itself automatically when the key is away from it at a distance of more than 1.5 metres), Remote Engine Start (in CVT) and Keyless Window Remote Operation (for all windows and sunroof). The presence of AC vents in the rear of the car also adds to the feeling of luxurious comfort and helps in keeping the cabin uniformly cool.


The Power of Big

1.5 Litres i-VTEC DOHC With Variable Timing Control (VTC)

Based on the high accuracy valve control technology called DOHC VTEC + VTC, this newly introduced BS6 engine improves combustion efficiency, reduces friction and lowers emissions. This high performance engine delivers 89 kW (121 ps) best-in-segment^ power and 145 Nm torque, with quicker torque increase at lower engine speed.

1.5 Litres i-DTEC DOHC Diesel Engine

Upholding a legacy of leaving behind a greener Earth for future generation, the All-New City has a clean Diesel Engine. Under BS6, specifically where NSC (NOx Storage Catalyst) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) are used, the exhaust gas after-treatment system has been applied thus significantly reducing emissions. It gives 73 kW (100 ps) power with 200 Nm torque.

Advanced CVT: The Ultimate Automatic

Developed as part of Earth Dreams Technology, CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission is Honda innovation at its best. Since power from the engine is continuously fed to the car tyres, CVT makes the ride smoother. It ensures the engine performs within a speed range that is best for fuel efficiency (18.4 km/l** in the All-New City). With 7-Speed Paddle Shifters, new Step Up-shift and Brake Down-shift control, elevate your rush with the supremacy of Honda CVT.

7-Speed CVT i-VTEC (Petrol) - 18.4 km/l**

6-Speed Manual Transmission For 1.5 Litres i-VTEC & i-DTEC Engines

The Manual Transmission (MT) for both Petrol & Diesel vehicles now feature 6 forward speed ratios. This achieves a better driving experience with improved fuel efficiency. The 5 gear ratios are optimized for thrilling pick-up/acceleration, while the added 6th gear overdrive ratio maximises stress-free low engine revolutions when crusing at high speeds and this is what obtains better fuel efficiency.

6-Speed MT i-VTEC (Petrol) - 17.8 km/l**
6-Speed MT i-DTEC (Diesel) - 24.1 km/l**


Supremacy of Safety

The All-New City utilizes ultra high strength tensile steel plates in its frame, including Super High formability 980 MPa grade steel, to absorb impact during collisions and provide better rigidity, for more stable driving. It has the world's first i-SRS Airbag System with Quick Deployment Technology, as well as the 1st in Segment^ LaneWatch™ camera system which supplements side mirrors and uses a screen inside the vehicle for the driver to keep aware of the surroundings without taking their eyes off the road./p>


The Garnish of Supremacy

The craftsmanship of chrome. The glint of sophistication. Grace your All-New City with matchless elegance and stylish flamboyance. Tailor-fit and personally customizable, let supreme trimmings and bedazzling adornments scale your ride to new heights of impression.

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